Month: July 2014

Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa – Glam Touch to a Holiday Home

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Art Deco Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa


Bamboo furniture is renowned to be eco-friendly, water resistant with a bit ‘hippie’ touch. I do love the hippie accent, as it reminds me of 1970s laid back lounges, filled with a cigarette smoke and long conversations about the ways of the World (what I was told…). These days, in the new search for an eco-friendly, reclaimed furniture, it is still firmly ‘in-vogue’. Sturdier than oak, water-resistant and as aesthetically pleasing as the most coveted hardwoods, bamboo is a sustainable natural resource and a pioneer material in the movement for eco-friendly furniture. Bamboo grows exceptionally fast and can be harvested for a few years without damage, so you can buy bamboo furniture with an eco-clear conscience.

And with it fitting so well into a rustic, coastal décor, it is a popular choice when furnishing Cornish holiday lettings or a rural retreat. It gives this relaxed, weekend atmosphere to a home, something you would like to see yourself when going on holiday by the sea.


Daro Furniture Bamboo Sofa


This Art Deco inspired Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa, is very glamorous, giving your guests a touch of luxury (which is something they expect on one hand), with it’s solid base, plumpy duck feather cushions and rich glaze frame. But at the same time, it brings this old school, laid back atmosphere of the land with no laptops or mobile phones… perfect choice, and something your guests will thoroughly enjoy!
by Cherrie Hub


So Your Style is Coastal? – by Houzz UK

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Coastal style is all about relaxed living, open spaces, natural fabrics and a summer vibe. It invites you to kick off your shoes, slow your pace of life and appreciate the great outdoors. Simply put, it’s summer by the sea, bottled.
Coastal style is all about easy summer living, so choose natural materials with a little bit of wear and tear to create that laid-back vibe. Then kick off your shoes, put your feet up and relax.

Rustic Baskets – Quirky Storage Idea!

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Rustic wire baskets – they look like vintage shopping baskets, a bit rusty, but with quirky character. Wouldn’t they make fantastic bathroom storage for towels or toilet rolls? I can imagine one of them standing on bare stone floor in a cosy country cottage! Simple and sophisticated storage idea, very sturdy, unique and made to last. Perfect storage solution for a holiday home!

How To Hide Cables – No Need to Drill!

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I hate having cables on the display – it’s inevitable at some point, when you install the speakers or any other wired devices. Of course the cables are often quite thin and easy to disguise, but in my opinion there’s nothing worse than having nicely arranged interior with tasteful art and these thin cables, like old spiderwebs, hanging in the background, ugh…

hide cables1

So I came with an idea how to disguise those necessary cables – without the need of using any hammer and nails – after all, many of us live in the rented property – including myself. So I bought a strong Mammoth Selotape in Trago Mills. It’s clear, waterproof and it’s designated for DIY jobs around the house – so it’s stronger than the average packaging tape.

I have this surround system in my living room, so that the speakers need to be arranged on the walls around the room, which means the cables go from the speakers all over the room and connect to the device under the tv – don’t ask me the technical terms lol! It wasn’t pretty sight, after all.

hide cables2

So I have secured all the cables to the wall, just by the ceiling, with the Mammoth tape. I have worked using short pieces of tape – I found it easier to secure the cables in the place I wanted that way, instead of using one long piece of selotape at once.

Now the cables are soo beautifully disguised, I can only see them when I look for them, you cannot notice them at all when you are in the room – brilliant, job well done!
by Cherrie Hub

Extending Oak Kitchen Island – a Smart Idea for a Small Kitchen!

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kitchen cart1

Recently I have moved to the new house, it’s a lovely little cottage in Cornwall. The accent here is on ‘little’ of course. It was build last century to fit the needs of Cornish fishermen, so obviously it is not focused on being spacious and luxurious, just cosy and practical. It is a lovely place, and full of character. The only downside is the size of the kitchen work tops. They are absolutely tiny! Once I have placed the microwave, the kettle and utensils on top, there’s not enough room for anything else. So when I cook and have all the ingredients and spices handy on a display, I struggle to find a room to chop the veg or put a spoon or a pot cover on the side. It’s a juggle sometimes!


kitchen cart8

So getting this extending kitchen island was a really smart idea. It doesn’t take much room at all (it is really surprising how well it can fit in a small kitchen!), and once you open the leaf on the back you have the most amazing and spacious work top. The best thing is, that it’s on the castors, so you can roll it from place to place around the kitchen. From being extra work top while you cook the dinner, it will be the breakfast table in the morning and also handy spot to put your dishes after washing! I can’t imagine my kitchen without it now – I got extra space to roll the pastry, hang the tea towel, place the chopped onions on the side or move the hot pan out of the way – it’s an absolute treat!

You can get similar Light Oak Kitchen Island from our Etsy store now!
by Cherrie Hub

New Trend – Shaped Cushions

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I love different and unusual cushion designs, one simple cushion can add plenty of character and personality to the room. So I love researching new designs online, and I noticed the cushions with unusual shapes are really trending right now. So not necessarily square, round or rectangular, they have the shape of a glove, head, underpants (!) or an animal. What do you think? I think having one single funny cushion like that as a feature detail on your sofa can add heaps of personality to your home. And the best thing is, you can easy make them yourself!
by Cherrie Hub