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Copper Sprayed Chair

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Copper spray painted chair

I love copper, it is great decorative material, and works great in a rustic and contemporary home. If you love farmhouse look, you can hang few rustic pans over your stove for an authentic country feel. But if modern clean spaces are more of your thing, you can still work copper for your benefit. Add copper painted flower pots on your window, or spray paint simple wooden chair to make it really stand out. Or add modern copper lamp cover for an industrial touch.

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Mud Paint – For Distressing Furniture

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mud paint

The husband and wife team who run Painted Furniture Ideas have just released a new line of vintage furniture paint! This paint has a matte, smooth finish that is perfect for antiquing and distressing. The coverage of this paint is excellent. It goes far! The paint is also very durable.

For more information about this excellent paint,
visit the website: MudPaint.com

Driftwood Spoons

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DIY driftwood spoons

I love nautical home decor. And anything inspired by the sea and the coast. So for me driftwood is the most stylish way to decorate the house. I love collecting it from the local beaches and putting around the house. Today I found really unique DIY project – driftwood spoons. They look amazing, and I can see them being popular on the summer garden party, or picnic on the beach – I love them! What do you think – would you try this project yourself?

DIY Balloon Dipped Jars

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DIY Craft Mason Jar Projects baloon dipped mason jars2

I’m spending this morning on Pinterest, trying to work out their analytics – who knew they provide analytics! You can actually see who your audience is, what they love, where they come from and which of your pins are the most popular. Of course, being a female, my attention is being tested number of times, as I get directed to the different boards, to see what’s trending. And while I’m ‘checking’ the boards, I end up pinning things I love myself. I suppose that’s why I love my job 🙂

But as I was checking the DIY Home Decor on Pinterest (a hot subject right now), I found this really quirky craft project – Balloon Dipped Mason Jars! Don’t they look fantastic? And as the base is a rubber, is perfect to put on the glass or ceramic surface, without the risk of sliding. And I love the idea of cushioned base for the jars – I wish I had it on all my glasses and cups!

All you need for this project, is some colourful balloons – you can use some left over ones after the birthday party – pair of scissors and few empty jars.

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Make a Fab Feature of Your Home Pipes

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Paint you home pipes

Sometimes we’re stuck in the room with the pipes showing – not common in England, but it happens quite a lot in European homes. So what can you do if you want to decorate your home the style you want, but these pipes spoil the look? You can paint them to match the wall colour, or make a feature out of them by painting in a contrasting shade. Why not try something really extra-ordinary like a lime green or red? It’s such a smart and unusual look, and can add edgy finish to your home! Just be careful when choosing the paint, and make sure it’s heat resistant, as these pipes can often hold a running hot water. It is a really smart way of making the most of what you’ve got, and we applause it!

Christmas Present Ideas – Wrap with Twine!

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Christmas present ideas - wrap with twine

Twine is a fantastic product. It is deliciously rustic and raw, and it is perfect to add a vintage coastal style at home. But did you know that you can use it to wrap your Christmas gifts too? When I first heard about it, i thought, no, it’s not festive enough to be used for Christmas presents. But I was wrong. It adds so much character and fresh quirky look to your wrapping, either if you use printed paper, or a plain one. You can wrap the twine few times around the gift, creating one thick decorative panel, or use a single strand but add some vintage paper doily underneath!

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DIY Christmas Gift Tags

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Vintage Christmas Present Tags

I really love the process of wrapping Christmas presents. Coming up with some unusual ways to put a ribbon or a bow, and things to write on the gift tag. Few years ago i discovered how impressive a simple brown paper and bit of twine look like when used to wrap the Christmas gift, so vintage and rustic, and very sophisticated.

If you are giving vintage home decor as a Christmas present this year, the vintage style packaging will be the most fitting! The simpler the better, just an ivory or grey paper, either plain or with a delicate geometric print would look very impressive.

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