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Home filled with Manic Rush

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Decorate with Copper

It’s been one of those days, that have passed I don’t know when, and didn’t even manage to do the third of what I planned. It was like walking through the mud. Nevermind, tomorrow’s another day. I suppose a major chunk of today was eaten by packaging rather large vintage lounge chair and the rattan shelving – in three different boxes. One for the shelving, one for the chair, and one for the cushions that go with the chair. After that I didn’t even need my planned work-out anymore, I felt like it was more excercise than I usually do. Luckily all these items are now packed, ready to collect tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be also a great day for finally painting vintage laundry basket that I found last weekend. It has got beautifully upholstered lid, but the sides will do with the lick of paint. I am looking forward to finally seeing the effect, I think it will be stunning.

But, one of the things I managed to finish today, was a bit of art work for the website, updating banners to go on our ebay listings and email signatures. That needed changing, as I updated the branding. For a long time I’ve been using ‘Home filled with rustic charm’, but as most of our items are in nautical theme, and we are based in Cornwall, I wanted the branding to reflect it too. Hence the change to ‘Rustic home with coastal charm’ – I think it sounds better, and sums up what we offer in our online shop.

I also hope you like the ‘Decorate with Copper‘ image I finished today – to go with our new rustic copper collection!


DIY Christmas Gift Tags

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Vintage Christmas Present Tags

I really love the process of wrapping Christmas presents. Coming up with some unusual ways to put a ribbon or a bow, and things to write on the gift tag. Few years ago i discovered how impressive a simple brown paper and bit of twine look like when used to wrap the Christmas gift, so vintage and rustic, and very sophisticated.

If you are giving vintage home decor as a Christmas present this year, the vintage style packaging will be the most fitting! The simpler the better, just an ivory or grey paper, either plain or with a delicate geometric print would look very impressive.

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Winter Garden Party…

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Rustic Wrought Iron Candle Holder

This Winter (or still Autumn actually) is quite mild, especially here in Cornwall. I still get away with wearing my pumps and suit jacket, which is pretty marvellous, I absolutely love it. Not being a great fan of cold, I’m basking in the Autumn sun. But evenings can be rather mild too, and quite inviting. My neighbours still do barbeques in the garden! Yes, it is officially the 1st of December, but the weather is still good enough for garden parties. And it is also a fantastic excuse to show of your rustic outdoor decor.

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Washi Tape by Rustic Vintage Country

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washi tapes DIY Christmas ideas

It looks like I have just discovered a Washi tape… Yes, I’ve heard about it before, yet I never gave it a second thought until today, when I was browsing the internet and came across rather cool crafting blog, run by Suzy – ‘Rustic Vintage Country‘. Suzy also runs Etsy shop with her sewing and craft items, and offers 10% OFF for her readers.

So one of Suzy’s posts really intrigued me – the washi tapes feature. As Suzy says: “Washi Tape is great stuff, it’s like patterned masking tape and can be used again and again for all types of things…..I do have non Christmas themed tape in the shop too. I use it for all sorts of things and it can be re-positioned here, there and everywhere!”

So I went straight to my trusted friend Google and researched the washi tapes ideas… WOW, that’s amazing! I can’t believe I have only discovered it…

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Upcycling Inspiration

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Upcycled teak vintage telephone seat

I’ve been browsing the web this morning, and I came across this stunning upcycled telehone seat… I have seen a number of these at the auctions, but never thought of buying it, as first of all, who is using stationary phones these days, and second, it’s not part of our lifestyles. we usually go for cordless phones, which we use wherever we’re in the house, instead of sitting by the phone in the hallway… But this beautifully restored table can be used in number of ways, as a little hall table to lighten your entryway, and work as a bench when you’re putting your shoes on. Or as a little seat by the bay window, little landing feature seat, and so on… I think the best way to furnish your home, is to go for the beautiful things that really grasp your attention, and then find a use for them. That way you will surround yourself with the things that make you happy! I will definitely be on a look out for a telephone seat right now and upcycle it into a hallway bench for my little space under the stairs!

DIY Upcycled Tyre Ottoman

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DIY upcycled tyre ottoman

Who’d think you can actually turn an old tyre into a nautical ottoman? I think it looks rather inspiring, and if you feel brave, you can take this upcycling project on your hands! You need good amount of marine rope – you will probably find some in good haberdashery store or online. Also, a fabric glue, which you can buy for few ┬úpounds on ebay. And a piece of fabric to go on top – ideally some rustic burlap.or a kitchen towel, or a scrap of fabric in nautical theme, if you have it lying around. if not, you can probably buy a large enough sample online. Also, if you need legs for your ottoman, you can buy a set from your local B&Q, or simply cut a piece of thinner timber into 4 matching squares. It is much cheaper option, and perfect if you love the natural rustic look!

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DIY Wallpaper Headboard

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Vintage bedroom ideas - wallpaper headboard

Yes, how is easy is that? Using your favourite wallpaper, you can create a fancy headboard feature for your vintage bedroom! Use the wallpaper roll left from other project, or buy a sample of your dream design. If you take the wallpaper that you used in other room, you will beautifully tie the whole look together, and create a theme for your home.

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