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How To Pick Decor That Will Stand a Test of Time?

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Vintage Copper Display Vignette

You love to follow current decorating trends at home, but you’re afraid your house will look too “been there, done that” after a few years. Is there a way to add trendy accessories to the current decor that will stand the test of time?

Buying accessories that are interesting to you is the key to timelessness. You have to go with whatever suits your own personal style. Part of the fun in shopping for home decor accents is picking up special pieces on your travels, at a flea market or at antique shops. Finding things in unexpected places will help you avoid the mass trends!

But, a word of caution: Many people feel as though they have to display all of their home furnishing accessories at once, but don’t! Instead, group your accessories (three to five pieces) into a theme or particular style and store the rest. For example, milk-glass pieces grouped together look elegant and cohesive, as does a series of silver picture frames or wooden artifacts. When you get tired of what you have on display, pull some fresh pieces out of storage and swap them out!


Copper Sprayed Chair

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Copper spray painted chair

I love copper, it is great decorative material, and works great in a rustic and contemporary home. If you love farmhouse look, you can hang few rustic pans over your stove for an authentic country feel. But if modern clean spaces are more of your thing, you can still work copper for your benefit. Add copper painted flower pots on your window, or spray paint simple wooden chair to make it really stand out. Or add modern copper lamp cover for an industrial touch.

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Home filled with Manic Rush

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Decorate with Copper

It’s been one of those days, that have passed I don’t know when, and didn’t even manage to do the third of what I planned. It was like walking through the mud. Nevermind, tomorrow’s another day. I suppose a major chunk of today was eaten by packaging rather large vintage lounge chair and the rattan shelving – in three different boxes. One for the shelving, one for the chair, and one for the cushions that go with the chair. After that I didn’t even need my planned work-out anymore, I felt like it was more excercise than I usually do. Luckily all these items are now packed, ready to collect tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be also a great day for finally painting vintage laundry basket that I found last weekend. It has got beautifully upholstered lid, but the sides will do with the lick of paint. I am looking forward to finally seeing the effect, I think it will be stunning.

But, one of the things I managed to finish today, was a bit of art work for the website, updating banners to go on our ebay listings and email signatures. That needed changing, as I updated the branding. For a long time I’ve been using ‘Home filled with rustic charm’, but as most of our items are in nautical theme, and we are based in Cornwall, I wanted the branding to reflect it too. Hence the change to ‘Rustic home with coastal charm’ – I think it sounds better, and sums up what we offer in our online shop.

I also hope you like the ‘Decorate with Copper‘ image I finished today – to go with our new rustic copper collection!

Mud Paint – For Distressing Furniture

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mud paint

The husband and wife team who run Painted Furniture Ideas have just released a new line of vintage furniture paint! This paint has a matte, smooth finish that is perfect for antiquing and distressing. The coverage of this paint is excellent. It goes far! The paint is also very durable.

For more information about this excellent paint,
visit the website:

Super (Fit) Mummy

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super fit mum

I have been reading an article about a stunning 33-year old mum of one girl, who prides herself on her amazing figure, abs, six-pack with no sign of fat and of course the strict regime. It’s the whole lifestyle choice, working out in the gym, very specific diet, no snacking… She looked fantastic, with beautifully shaped bum, belly and thighs. I could never ever tell that she once was pregnant. her belly muscles were so tight, incredible. But one sentence from the article stuck in my mind – that she too has got moments when she wants to sit in front of tv and have a snacking evening, but “it’s all about priorities”… Now, I don’t know if I could ever be able to resist a snacking evening in front of tv – at least once a week – in the name of priorities. I’d rather enjoy the munch fest, and then go for a run in the morning. I am rather slim, but nothing compared to zero-fat-on-my-belly scenario. I think I wouldn’t enjoy my life that much, that any trip to supermarket, food fair, family outing would be restricted by my mind telling me – ‘control yourself, think about your belly!’. I think I’d rather have smaller portion of my favourite food, just to try it, than to completely change my diet to follow regime. What are your thoughts?