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Choosing Right Necklace for a Neckline

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Choosing the right necklace for different neckline types

Isn’t it the constant dilemma for us ladies? Choosing the right necklace for the top we’re wearing. Unless you wear your delicate golden chain everyday, and with every outfit, you are faced with this immortal decision – which necklace to choose? I personally love to change the jewellery, from short fitted necklaces to some stunning long beads. And this chart is really fitting, sometimes you have quite decorative neckline, like a Cowl Neck, which you don’t want to spoil with too much jewellery, so you could just wear longer earrings to accentuate it. Or pick longer beads to a turtleneck sweater. I love this idea, and it gives us excuse to stock up on even more jewellery – to fit all the neckline types we have!


Home filled with Manic Rush

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Decorate with Copper

It’s been one of those days, that have passed I don’t know when, and didn’t even manage to do the third of what I planned. It was like walking through the mud. Nevermind, tomorrow’s another day. I suppose a major chunk of today was eaten by packaging rather large vintage lounge chair and the rattan shelving – in three different boxes. One for the shelving, one for the chair, and one for the cushions that go with the chair. After that I didn’t even need my planned work-out anymore, I felt like it was more excercise than I usually do. Luckily all these items are now packed, ready to collect tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be also a great day for finally painting vintage laundry basket that I found last weekend. It has got beautifully upholstered lid, but the sides will do with the lick of paint. I am looking forward to finally seeing the effect, I think it will be stunning.

But, one of the things I managed to finish today, was a bit of art work for the website, updating banners to go on our ebay listings and email signatures. That needed changing, as I updated the branding. For a long time I’ve been using ‘Home filled with rustic charm’, but as most of our items are in nautical theme, and we are based in Cornwall, I wanted the branding to reflect it too. Hence the change to ‘Rustic home with coastal charm’ – I think it sounds better, and sums up what we offer in our online shop.

I also hope you like the ‘Decorate with Copper‘ image I finished today – to go with our new rustic copper collection!

Competition: Win Vintage Rocking Horse!

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Win Vintage Rocking Horse!

Love classic toys? There’s nothing more enchanting than a vintage wooden rocking horse. It can add plenty of charm to your kids room and compliment your vintage home decor! Now you can WIN original wooden rocking horse with our new giveaway! All you need to do is Like our Facebook page here:

It’s simple as that! Click the link above, like our page, and Win this Vintage Rocking Horse now!

O-Domo Toaster

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Isn’t that the coolest toaster ever? I wish I had it at home, breakfast would be so exciting! Especially kids will love this O-DOMO toaster, can you imagine giving present like this? An absolute dream, it goes right on my dream wish-list 🙂

Soundtrack to My Day…

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french farmhouse promo

I love working in the evenings. BBC radio 2 is on, playing calm chilled out music. All has got this airy feeling of desertion. Most of the people have probably ditched the radios for their TVs, watching evening movies and shows. So somehow I am able to focus more, as I can feel there’s less of the morning rush, and I can focus thoroughly on more creative tasks.

When I wake up and start working while listening to Chris Evans, his firework personality doesn’t really allow to focus on one task for too long, there’s too much to do, ideally do few things at the same time, just because you feel that you should be rushing around. The energetic music is on, which is meant to wake you up and give a morning boost.

So that’s the perfect time to do things which need a sharp mind. Social media posts are perfect morning tasks, as all has to be short, smart and to the point. That’s ideal, as my brain can work really fast in the morning.

Now, in the evenings it’s a different story. It’s all about slow creative tasks, like writing blogs, research or making promo banners. I think that must be my favourite thing to do, picking up some large images from previous shoots, cropping to appropriate size, finding which cropped bits will work best, and adding text and frames. I love playing with it, making endless changes until I can feel that it’s got an eye-catching effect. Yes, it’s an evening job, where doesn’t matter if you spend 2-3 hours working on one thing, as long as it’s done as you wanted!

Circus of Horrors – Age Appropriate?

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Circus of Horrors - Age appropriate?

Last night I went to a great Gore show in Exeter, and it was quite a different show. Plenty of nudity, display of body modification, hard-core music, torture scenes and so on. It was really well made show, and I really enjoyed it. I especially loved the the act of two sinister sisters, who did all things together, dressed in white, with white hair and white faces. Deadly serious, with smooth moves, amazing acrobatic skills, all they did was purely sinisters, just because it was two of them, doing all in perfect unity. Even them simply standing on the side of the stage, holding hands, out of the light, was rather freaking, like a pair of identical twins often featuring in the horror movies.

There was also a guest participation in the show, and one guy in particular, became the cast’s favourite, they spoke to him during the show, and he was invited on the stage few times, taking part in a burlesque lap-dance, and also propped into a straight jacket for the final number. I think he deservedly enjoyed the show!

But as I was watching the show, in front of me was a mum with her two sons, which both were about 5-6 year old. The first time there was a topless woman appearing on the stage, she was a bit taken aback and tried jockingly to cover the eyes of her sons – of course they had the time of their life! But there was more nudity as the show progressed, so I suppose there was no way to shield the boys from it. I suspect she knew what this show was about when she was booking the tickets for her and the sons. But for me it was weird sitting there and knowing that all this show is being watched by the innocent eyes of a 5 year old. The kid that age still hasn’t got formed opinion on the World, and takes all as a sponge – not sure if that’s the message about the life I would like to send my son, when I have one.

What is your take on this subject? Do you think a Gore and nudity show is age appropriate for a 5-year old boy? Comment below!

Christmas Present Ideas – Wrap with Twine!

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Christmas present ideas - wrap with twine

Twine is a fantastic product. It is deliciously rustic and raw, and it is perfect to add a vintage coastal style at home. But did you know that you can use it to wrap your Christmas gifts too? When I first heard about it, i thought, no, it’s not festive enough to be used for Christmas presents. But I was wrong. It adds so much character and fresh quirky look to your wrapping, either if you use printed paper, or a plain one. You can wrap the twine few times around the gift, creating one thick decorative panel, or use a single strand but add some vintage paper doily underneath!

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