how to pick a necklace for your neckline

Choosing Right Necklace for a Neckline

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Choosing the right necklace for different neckline types

Isn’t it the constant dilemma for us ladies? Choosing the right necklace for the top we’re wearing. Unless you wear your delicate golden chain everyday, and with every outfit, you are faced with this immortal decision – which necklace to choose? I personally love to change the jewellery, from short fitted necklaces to some stunning long beads. And this chart is really fitting, sometimes you have quite decorative neckline, like a Cowl Neck, which you don’t want to spoil with too much jewellery, so you could just wear longer earrings to accentuate it. Or pick longer beads to a turtleneck sweater. I love this idea, and it gives us excuse to stock up on even more jewellery – to fit all the neckline types we have!