Month: November 2014

A Bit of Dentist Scare…

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Vist at the dentist

I had to visit the dentist this week… I don’t want to complaint, but I wish I never went to this clinic. They treated one of my teeth 3 times, in such effect that it was only recommended to pull it out in the end… Lucky it’s one of the back teeth, so it’s almost invisible. I always had healthy teeth, and it was the first time I went to an English clinic. I wish now I went straight to the Polish dentist, like I usually do – lesson learnt! I’m sure there’s plenty of great English dentists too, maybe I just didn’t get the right ones, but never mind, I’ll try to stick to fantastic Polish dentists from now on 🙂

The only thing that I liked about my last visit, is the dentist who pulled my tooth has given me enough anaesthetics and done the job so smoothly, the whole process was almost seamless and healing was immediate – good job done there.


Washi Tape by Rustic Vintage Country

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washi tapes DIY Christmas ideas

It looks like I have just discovered a Washi tape… Yes, I’ve heard about it before, yet I never gave it a second thought until today, when I was browsing the internet and came across rather cool crafting blog, run by Suzy – ‘Rustic Vintage Country‘. Suzy also runs Etsy shop with her sewing and craft items, and offers 10% OFF for her readers.

So one of Suzy’s posts really intrigued me – the washi tapes feature. As Suzy says: “Washi Tape is great stuff, it’s like patterned masking tape and can be used again and again for all types of things…..I do have non Christmas themed tape in the shop too. I use it for all sorts of things and it can be re-positioned here, there and everywhere!”

So I went straight to my trusted friend Google and researched the washi tapes ideas… WOW, that’s amazing! I can’t believe I have only discovered it…

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Upcycling Inspiration

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Upcycled teak vintage telephone seat

I’ve been browsing the web this morning, and I came across this stunning upcycled telehone seat… I have seen a number of these at the auctions, but never thought of buying it, as first of all, who is using stationary phones these days, and second, it’s not part of our lifestyles. we usually go for cordless phones, which we use wherever we’re in the house, instead of sitting by the phone in the hallway… But this beautifully restored table can be used in number of ways, as a little hall table to lighten your entryway, and work as a bench when you’re putting your shoes on. Or as a little seat by the bay window, little landing feature seat, and so on… I think the best way to furnish your home, is to go for the beautiful things that really grasp your attention, and then find a use for them. That way you will surround yourself with the things that make you happy! I will definitely be on a look out for a telephone seat right now and upcycle it into a hallway bench for my little space under the stairs!

DIY Twine-Ball Light Garland by Pocketful of Dreams

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Twine ball light garland as Christmas rustic home decor

This morning I’ve been searching for DIY twine projects, as I absolutely adore twine. I love using it to decorate around the house. Even if you take an old bottle and wrap a piece of twine around it, it magically transforms into the most sophisticated vintage vase! It definitely fits in very well with the nautical and rustic home decor.

So when browsing online, I came across really fantastic step-by-step tutorial by Pocketful of Dreams. It is a blog full of amazing DIY and craft projects, so really worth checking it out. Apart from stunning photos, which Michelle, the author, supplied and took herself, this tutorial gives you detailed instructions, which are written very well and are easy to follow. The said project on making Twine-ball light garland, is quite complicated on one hand, and a bit messy, but the effect is stunning.

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Industrial Rustic Home Decor

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Rustic home decor is often associated with industrial decor – steel frames, bare wood, copper and wrought iron accessories. Both styles look very well together, and will fit perfectly in both period property or a contemporary home. I think designing contemporary home full of white walls and floors, together with few industrial additions, like rustic coffee table or steel bookcase can have a stunning effect. Please look below at the selection of our favourite industrial interior ideas:

Industrial rustic home decor

Industrial spinning chair - rustic home decor

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Henara Shampoo – My Latest Discovery!

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Henara Shampoo for Blondes

I’ve been dying my hair since the age of 13 – I know, a terribly early start. But I love my hair blonde. Which means that for over 20 years I have been damaging my hair on a regular basis. Not a perfect solution, but until some smart scientist will come up with a hair-colour changing solution, I’m stuck with this treatment. Or so, there could be a solution…

Simply by accident I discovered something rather amazing. I bought a discounted Henara shampoo from my local drug store about a month ago – it was £1 for a bottle! I have noticed the difference in my hair after the first wash, it was nicely moisturised and soft, even without the conditioner. The shampoo itself has a deliciously thick consistence, a jelly like, and is honey gold colour. It has got a special colour enhancing pigment for blonde hair (version for brunettes is available too!).

After few washes, I have noticed that my dark roots, normally showing by then, were masked, and couldn’t see any major difference between my normally dyed blonde hair and the roots. What a discovery! Absolutely astonishing, it means that the colour enhancing in this shampoo really does work, and it can be quite a fantastic alternative to a hair dye. I’m going to stock up online soon – the prices for a single bottle range from £1.50 to £3.00 plus delivery. My local shop hasn’t got this shampoo any more, I think it was the end of the line they discounted.

I am genuinely surprised such a brilliand product is not more highlighted in the press, but then the press and media is filled with expensive ads by major brands. It is such a brilliant product, if you use colour enhancing shampoos already, you should try Henara shampoo – they do a conditioner too – you’ll be very nicely surprised by the quality, and it’s much cheaper then the branded products. I know I will be  using this shampoo now instead of dying my hair!

DIY Upcycled Tyre Ottoman

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DIY upcycled tyre ottoman

Who’d think you can actually turn an old tyre into a nautical ottoman? I think it looks rather inspiring, and if you feel brave, you can take this upcycling project on your hands! You need good amount of marine rope – you will probably find some in good haberdashery store or online. Also, a fabric glue, which you can buy for few £pounds on ebay. And a piece of fabric to go on top – ideally some rustic burlap.or a kitchen towel, or a scrap of fabric in nautical theme, if you have it lying around. if not, you can probably buy a large enough sample online. Also, if you need legs for your ottoman, you can buy a set from your local B&Q, or simply cut a piece of thinner timber into 4 matching squares. It is much cheaper option, and perfect if you love the natural rustic look!

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