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Add French Country Charm To Your Home

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French Country style is a mix of rustic and splendour in home decor, which I absolutely adore. It’s the elegant take on the farmhouse decor, still good enough for the country cottage, but even better in the manor house! From lavender tin pots standing by the grey door, natural stone flooring, to burlap cushions and wrought iron door handles. What do you think of this trend?

French Country lavender pots

French country decor - living room ideas

French Country Wrought Iron Door Knob

French Country Kitchen


Top 5 Ideas for Rustic Wire Basket

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I love rustic wire baskets, in all shapes and sizes, the older and more battered the better! It is this particular appeal of rustic look set amongst other contemporary items that makes the whole effect really juicy and so attractive. So if you come across some fabulous rustic wire basket, what is the best way to display it and work for you? Here are our Top 5 favourite ideas for wire baskets:

1. Rustic fruit basket

Rustic wire fruit basket

2. Shabby chic bathroom storage

shabby chic bathroom storage

3. Stylish letter storage

rustic mesh basket as a mail storage

4. Practical craft box

rustic box for craft supplies

5. Rustic country cottage magazine rack

rustic magazine rack

Cardigan Inspiration

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Sahhby Chic Rattan Storage Box

Rattan storage box Shabby chic rustic storage box

We get inspiration from various situations. I suppose when you’re an artist or a musician, you can get inspired by a glimpse of light coming between the curtains, or a sound heard in the forest. Yesterday, as I was coming back from the auction, I put my cardigan on top of the shabby chic rustic storage box I just bought. I thought they looked very good together, the winter chunky look of the cardigan complimenting the rustic raw look of the basket. Later that day, when I was taking photos of the new stock I bought, I thought I will use the cardigan with the rattan basket again, as I loved this look. Especially as the sun was very low, and the light was quite toned down. That really complimented the mauve shade of the box, and added to the calm wintery feel of the whole photo. I am very pleased with the effect, and I hope you like it too!

The Art of Letting Go…

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Buying new stock for Cherrie Hub is very rewarding and exciting, I love browsing through quirky collections at the auctions. I always buy things I love, things I would put in my own house – if I had a bigger house! And it often happens, that some of the items I find so gorgeous, I instantly fall in love with them, and want to keep them. I especially love wrought iron pieces, and quirky little magazine racks.

Coastal Picture

Few weeks ago, I found this lovely shabby chic beach picture. It was part of a bigger lot at the auction, but it really caught my eye. I loved the chunky wooden frame, quite wide and big comparing to the picture inside it. It was painted in white and distressed, adding to the rustic weathered look. The beach illustration reminded me of Beryl Cook art, as she had very similar style. I do love illustration personally, so that being drawn was an added bonus.

When I got home, photographed the picture and put it online, I didn’t want to keep it in the storage unit. I wanted to display it at home, and it was looking really amazing on my wicker shelf (yes, another auction keep), with the seagull figurine. It added so much beachy, coastal feel to my living room, and I really enjoyed looking at it…

But I knew it will find a new home sooner, or later – by the end of the day, it was still online – and this day came yesterday… Yes, it’s been sold, and I’ve never before felt sorry I sold something… But I was very sad to pack it and send it on it’s way this morning… But c’est la vie! I know I fill the empty space sooner or later…

SHOP: Vintage Whistling Kettle

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Vintage whistling kettle

Vintage Whistling Kettle by The Original Housewares Co.
Rustic collectible kitchenalia
Plastic hinged whistle flips back
Vintage kettle in a cream shade, with original label

Height: 18cm
Width: 19cm
Depth: 19cm

Price: £10.00

Buy this Vintage Whistling Kettle now!

SHOP: Shabby Chic Coastal Picture in Wooden Frame

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Rustic Beach Picture
Coastal Rustic Picture

Gorgeous Beach Theme Shabby Chic Picture
White and Red stripey sun lounger on the beach
Solid wood frame, painted and distressed for authentic weathered look
Nautical picture ideal for any coastal home!

Price: £6.00

Buy this Coastal Picture now!