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Back to Basics

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So the dreaded thing happened… My ever lasting Black & Decker palm sander has broken down yesterday… It’s been really old, and it looked battered, but it outlived two other brand new sanders, and was doing great.

So far so good it has been till yesterday. Suddenly it screached, sparked and started making funny noises in the motor, while not turning the bit with the sand paper. It has broken just as I started to work on new Pine Revolving Bookcase… Needless to say, I had to go back to basics and sand almost all of the bookcase by hand – using small bits of coarse sand paper. Luckily there was no stubborn lacquer finish to speak of, as the pine has been left almost bare for a rustic look. So it has been quite an easy process.

Sanding down removed all the dirt and dust built up over the years and smoothed out the shadings of the wood.
After that, I have washed down the surface to get rid off all the dust from sanding down. In that moment I could smell this gorgeous aroma of the natural fresh pine… So simple, so pure and irresistible… I bsolutely love it.

Now when finished, all it needs is a layer of natural beeswax polish and a buffing to add a delicate sheen. I could not possibly apply anything that could change this pure rustic finish, natural beeswax will leave the pine in rustic style as it is, while still adding needed protection and care.


Feature Product: Rustic Free Standing Tall Candelabra

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Tall Free Standing Candelabra in Silver Colour
Metal frame in silver enamel, with golden details
It will hold up to 6 candles
Beatifully shaped frame, perfect for a period property

Height: 77cm
Width: 35cm

Cost: £25.00
Buy this Rustic Candelabra on Etsy now!

small is the new big

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Parti* Notes

small is big

Small living has been getting bigger and bigger the last few years. Between slim wallets and the growing interest…and let’s be honest, dire need…to build more sustainably, the mcmansions of the last century seem to be falling out of favor. Can we all say hallelujah? (Any excuse for a little Leonard). When designers and architects are faced with constraints, it allows opportunity for some pretty impressive creativity. Four of this year’s AIA award winners for small projects are featured in FineHomebuilding and include the Fall House, designed by Fougeron Architects, along my very favorite stretch of California coastline. The three bedroom vacation home sits on the land quietly, following the natural curves of the site, and is wrapped in glass to honor the beauty outside. And to add my own bit of love to the story, it is near enough to Esalen to run on over for a quick…

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How to restore unwanted furniture

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Recycling is a very hot topic right now, and we do recycle plastic bottles, empty jars and cardboard boxes. We know that they are turned into something better, instead of enriching the landfill. But did you know that buying second hand furniture is a form of re-cycling? Yes, by refusing to buy new furniture, in the same place we get a furniture that is already existent, and otherwise unwanted could be discarded and end up on the landfill.

So, ok, but how about if you need a new chest of drawers and you find one, but it is quite a shabby state and needs attention? Most of the jobs you can really make yourself, either by heading to fab knowledge base, which is Youtube, or Googling your problem.

Only yesterday, I have found most charming solid Pine Chest of Drawers, which unfortunately had the drawers sinking at the back, and the base was for some reason smeared with a brown paint. Not having major knowledge about the furniture construction, I saw it as a no-go. But by the end of the day, this chest had so much rustic appeal, I could not give it a go to restore it. I knew there is a hidden charm waiting to be revealed.

Black & Dekker palm sander

The tools I needed were very simple, slight distressing using the palm sander did the initial work of removing the paint from the bottom. I have also sanded down the rest of the surface, to remove the dirt and dust. That really made a tremendous difference and the chest looked as if smiling again – don’t believe me? The furniture has got soul, if you give it the right treatment, it beams, and smiles at you with pride, that is the fact!
Anyway, when it came to dealing with the drawers, I realised the reason why they are sinking at the back, was the fact the runners, although perfectly in place, were somehow in the slight distance from the drawers (?). It all fitted together from the front, yet for some reason, the sides of this chest of drawers were heading outwards. So the runners didn’t slot into the row carved in each drawer. There was not much I could do, apart of cutting small pieces of wood, and attaching them to the inner sides, just under the drawers. I have measured, where the drawers need a support to keep them in line, and I have fixed those little pieces of wood to the sides of the chest. It worked a treat, the drawers slide in nicely, and stay in perfectly horizontal position. Simple procedure, yet amazing effects.

Natural Beeswax Polish by Cambridge

When finished, I had to treat the pine surface, which have been sanded down. I always use Cambridge Natural Beeswax Polish for treating wood. It gives the most enchanting aroma to the wood when finished, just irresistible smell of wood… this natural beeswax polish is so good, as it is handmade, which means there are no chemicals to speak of, it gives the wooden surface the nourishment and protection against the dust, damp and other effects. It’s like an organic face mask, but for the wood. I really recommend using it. It also is good for you, because you do not inhale chemical fumes, which can be quite strong (and damaging) when it comes to the furniture wax.
I apply the beeswax polish with a stiff brush, let it penetrate the wood for few hours, and then buff it with a standard polishing cloth. The buffing is great to add natural sheen to the surface, and this lovely exquisite smell. Voila, all is ready, finished and the chest is re-born again, and it will work as a stylish storage for another number of years!
by Cherrie Hub

Perennial Favorites: Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

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most awesome Blog titles in WordPressphere

The Daily Post

In this post, first appearing on The Daily Post in 2012, two bloggers walked us through the ins and outs of successfully choosing a blog name to suit your content. Their insight on the naming process is as spot-on today is it was two years ago.

We discover different types of blogs in our community, from travel to food to parenting, with memorable and clever names. You may notice that a number of blogs on have unique web addresses, or custom domains: instead of, their address is Bloggers get custom domains for different reasons, but ultimately, it’s a great way to build and solidify your presence across the Internet. You can register a new domain through; you can also use a domain you already own with your site, which is called domain mapping.

A crucial step before purchasing a custom domain is deciding…

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Feature Product: Vintage Equestrian Grooming Brush Set

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Feature Product: Vintage Equestrian Grooming Brush Set

I loved photographing this vintage brush set, some products have got natural charm and flair and are naturally photogenic – just like people – did you notice? it was almost impossible to take a bad photo of this set, with it’s stunning features – from weathered look leather case, to deep black (actually very very dark brown) shaped handles, and these gorgeous bristles. I have put it on top of my mango dresser, and the two shades, of the leather and rustic wood, work together perfectly, complimented each other… The cool shade of the mango wood, really accentuated the rustic vintage weathered shade of the leather case, giving amazing results!
The bristle is quite stiff, yet made from the natural bristle, perfect for grooming the horse. Unfortunately the strap and the buckle is missing, yet it all adds to the vintage worn-out look…

Mixing Dining Chairs Together – What’s the Secret?

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Mixing Dining Chairs Together - What's the Secret?

Mixing different style dining chairs together – a subtle touch of interest and sophistication to your room. If done correctly, it will bring you magnificent and quirky look, but if overdone- well, it can easy look a bit messy… So what’s the secret of mixing different style chairs together at one dining table? They all need to have something in common, either all have similar theme – industrial, Windsor style, stool, painted etc – or a common detail. In the image above, we can see all the chairs are made out of similar shade of wood, and it also matches the table. Now, if you added a pine chair – even in a similar style, it will look odd. But how about adding similar stained oak dining chair, but with Aztec print cushion? Now we’re talking, heaps of sophistication await!
The same goes with modern plastic chairs. I love seeing retro 1960s dining chairs in Eames style, set together with rustic dining tables, two different worlds in the furniture universe, yet they somehow work, complimenting each other styles. With this kind of chairs, you could mix different colours – red, white, black, green – still sticking to 1960s retro theme, and achieve stunning effect!
It’s good to be brave in interior design, and try something different to get out of your comfort zone – and discover a fresh fabulous look for your home!