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Rustic Country Kitchen – Holiday lettings design

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When you are in the countryside, and pass little cosy cottages, you are mesmerised by their charm. Solid stone walls, wrought iron handles, antique wooden doors and quirky decor… I love these little English cottages, and would love to have one, to furnish in my own rustic style. But once you own this cottage, you want to keep the heritage feel and look, and furnish it with beautifully aged furniture and period accessories.

In my opinion, nothing add as much rustic charm to a country kitchen, as antique copper pans and pots. They do create the old rustic feel, when kept on a display. Hanged over the hob, or put on the kitchen window – and maybe used to keep the herbs and other plants? Here are few ideas how to add rustic feel to your holiday lettings kitchen with few copper pans:

Rustic Country Kitchen

copper pan3

copper dish4


Also rustic wooden furniture, like the Farmhouse Kitchen Chair will add plenty of primitive rustic charm to your kitchen. Stick to bare wood furniture, ideally with rough finish. Wrought iron details, as hooks, and handles will also add a country cottage feel.


rustic kitchen2

farmhouse chair5

egg whisk4

farm hanging4
by Cherrie Hub


SHOP: Vintage Wooden Napkin Holder

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Rustic Napkin Holder Wooden Napkin Holder Farmhouse Napkin holder

Rustic Country Cottage Napkin Holder
Carved oak napkin holder with a flower detail
Rustic farmhouse style napkin stand
Beautiful little table accessory

Height: 11cm
Length: 11cm
Width: 3cm

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The Art of Letting Go…

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Buying new stock for Cherrie Hub is very rewarding and exciting, I love browsing through quirky collections at the auctions. I always buy things I love, things I would put in my own house – if I had a bigger house! And it often happens, that some of the items I find so gorgeous, I instantly fall in love with them, and want to keep them. I especially love wrought iron pieces, and quirky little magazine racks.

Coastal Picture

Few weeks ago, I found this lovely shabby chic beach picture. It was part of a bigger lot at the auction, but it really caught my eye. I loved the chunky wooden frame, quite wide and big comparing to the picture inside it. It was painted in white and distressed, adding to the rustic weathered look. The beach illustration reminded me of Beryl Cook art, as she had very similar style. I do love illustration personally, so that being drawn was an added bonus.

When I got home, photographed the picture and put it online, I didn’t want to keep it in the storage unit. I wanted to display it at home, and it was looking really amazing on my wicker shelf (yes, another auction keep), with the seagull figurine. It added so much beachy, coastal feel to my living room, and I really enjoyed looking at it…

But I knew it will find a new home sooner, or later – by the end of the day, it was still online – and this day came yesterday… Yes, it’s been sold, and I’ve never before felt sorry I sold something… But I was very sad to pack it and send it on it’s way this morning… But c’est la vie! I know I fill the empty space sooner or later…

Get The Look: Rustic Chrome Elegance

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We are a huge fan of the simple, clean look of a well designed bathroom.  Anywhere from the choice of wall color, sinks, mirrors, we love it all!  On our search for some of the most beautiful bathrooms, we came across one in particular that you must see!  It is elegant and classy, with a little bit of a rustic edge to it.  We’ve taken the time to put together all of the necessary items to complete this bathroom, so you can have one all of your own!  Check it out:


We will begin with the paint color.  This hue that appears to have a green, silvery tone to it really complements the color of the metal fixtures and appliances in this bathroom. Benjamin Moore carries a line of colors that match perfectly with what you see in the picture.  Fotor081811592

Next, the sinks choice the designer chose is fabulous!  From…

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My Mojo is back.

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plymouth hoe

Ever since moving to Cornwall, I’ve been terribly sedated and withdrawn from life. I couldn’t organize myself to get on with any activity, and I’ve been slightly hiding from life. Before, I have lived in Plymouth, large city in Devon, and that was amazing. I love the big city hustle and bustle, sounds of the streets waking up to a new day, people slaloming between each other, and the sheer entertainment of the high street. I miss it.


Today, after two years, I had a chance to see it all again. I’ve attended the auction in Plymouth city centre, and I could walk through these streets again. What a treat! I felt like a life is being pumped into me again.

cafe latte

The crowds, the noises, the choice of the coffees, the girl in the leopard and platforms, the selection of diaries, the owl storage boxes, the blueberry cake on the Barbican, all that… It’s been like a rollercoaster ride, and my heart was pumping. Glorious experience, I missed it so much, Plymouth, thank you, and I’m sure I will be back for another visit soon!

SHOP: Vintage Whistling Kettle

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Vintage whistling kettle

Vintage Whistling Kettle by The Original Housewares Co.
Rustic collectible kitchenalia
Plastic hinged whistle flips back
Vintage kettle in a cream shade, with original label

Height: 18cm
Width: 19cm
Depth: 19cm

Price: £10.00

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Coastal Decor Idea: Lovely Vintage Planter

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Vintage Bamboo Planter Garden Bamboo Plant Holder


I found this lovely vintage Bamboo Plant Holder at a small auction house in beautiful Cornish town of Looe. It’s been a quiet and cosy auction, just few regulars, more of a social event, with sales as an added bonus. But you could find real gems sometimes, and pay much less that at bigger auctions.

This Tricycle Planter cought my eye, because of the shape, it’s beautifully curved, so gracious, quirky and really sweet. It’s surprisingly sturdy too, which means it’s been built very decently. It would make such a lovely feature in a holiday home, fitting in the coastal decor, put on the patio, or by the back door. Also quirky fun detail to the garden, if you’ve got kids playing around!