Feature Product: Wire Spice Rack

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Rustic wire spice rack

My pursuit of all things rustic is complete for a while, when I come across anything made of wrought iron, wire or wicker – ideally all three combined. For years I have been collecting rustic storage units made from wire, with leaf details. It started when one of my bosses in the hotel I worked in 11 years ago, bought a key hook, made of black wrought iron, with beautifully painted grapevine details. I pestered her for about two weeks before she gave in, and offered it to me – amazing! I still have it, my first treasured rustic beauty.

So when I came across this rustic wire spice rack, I knew it will fit perfectly with my collection (which grew with the years that followed). I’d love to keep it for myself, but I know that if I continue to keep all the vintage finds I love, I’ll run out of space at home – and the storage unit. So although I love it, it’s time to let go – I’m sure this stunning rustic spice rack will find a good home!

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