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DIY Monkey Mask – Half Term Project

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Monkey Mask - DIY half-term project

Isn’t that a fun project to make? Fantastic for this upcoming half-term with your kids. All you need is a bit of cardboard saved from the recycling bag, scissors, pencil, paper glue and paint (optional). Draw the shape of the monkey head on the biggest piece of cardboard, with the fringe on top, two circles for eyes and one big circle for the mouth. Cut it all carefully. To cut the curcles, you could use a small kitchen knife.Be sure to cut it on the craft mat, or kitchen wooden board.

Then, on smaller pieces of cardboard, draw the half moon shapes as eye covers, ears, as well as upper and lower lips. Also triangular shape for a nose. Cut out all the shapes, mould into required design, and secure onto the mask using the paper glue. Let it dry, and when all is secure, optionally paint the top of the fringe with the chosen paint. Hang it on the wall, and let your kids show it to your guests. Have fun!