Mud Paint – For Distressing Furniture

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mud paint

The husband and wife team who run Painted Furniture Ideas have just released a new line of vintage furniture paint! This paint has a matte, smooth finish that is perfect for antiquing and distressing. The coverage of this paint is excellent. It goes far! The paint is also very durable.

For more information about this excellent paint,
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Feature Product: Wire Spice Rack

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Rustic wire spice rack

My pursuit of all things rustic is complete for a while, when I come across anything made of wrought iron, wire or wicker – ideally all three combined. For years I have been collecting rustic storage units made from wire, with leaf details. It started when one of my bosses in the hotel I worked in 11 years ago, bought a key hook, made of black wrought iron, with beautifully painted grapevine details. I pestered her for about two weeks before she gave in, and offered it to me – amazing! I still have it, my first treasured rustic beauty.

So when I came across this rustic wire spice rack, I knew it will fit perfectly with my collection (which grew with the years that followed). I’d love to keep it for myself, but I know that if I continue to keep all the vintage finds I love, I’ll run out of space at home – and the storage unit. So although I love it, it’s time to let go – I’m sure this stunning rustic spice rack will find a good home!

Now Offering 30 Day FREE Returns!

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Get 30 Day FREE Returns only now with Cherrie hub!

We are now offering 30 Day now quibble returns – it means that you can return your item for whatever reason within 30 days for free! We even arrange the courier to pick up the item from you, all you need to do is wrap it cosy, have a cuppa and we’ll do all the hard work for you. 30 Day FREE returns are guaranteed now only with Cherrie Hub!

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Driftwood Spoons

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DIY driftwood spoons

I love nautical home decor. And anything inspired by the sea and the coast. So for me driftwood is the most stylish way to decorate the house. I love collecting it from the local beaches and putting around the house. Today I found really unique DIY project – driftwood spoons. They look amazing, and I can see them being popular on the summer garden party, or picnic on the beach – I love them! What do you think – would you try this project yourself?

Super (Fit) Mummy

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super fit mum

I have been reading an article about a stunning 33-year old mum of one girl, who prides herself on her amazing figure, abs, six-pack with no sign of fat and of course the strict regime. It’s the whole lifestyle choice, working out in the gym, very specific diet, no snacking… She looked fantastic, with beautifully shaped bum, belly and thighs. I could never ever tell that she once was pregnant. her belly muscles were so tight, incredible. But one sentence from the article stuck in my mind – that she too has got moments when she wants to sit in front of tv and have a snacking evening, but “it’s all about priorities”… Now, I don’t know if I could ever be able to resist a snacking evening in front of tv – at least once a week – in the name of priorities. I’d rather enjoy the munch fest, and then go for a run in the morning. I am rather slim, but nothing compared to zero-fat-on-my-belly scenario. I think I wouldn’t enjoy my life that much, that any trip to supermarket, food fair, family outing would be restricted by my mind telling me – ‘control yourself, think about your belly!’. I think I’d rather have smaller portion of my favourite food, just to try it, than to completely change my diet to follow regime. What are your thoughts?

One Month to Live

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Must Be This Tall To Ride

This is Paul Coakley. He's my age and he died Tuesday. This is what love looks like. This is Paul Coakley. He’s my age and he died Tuesday after just a month of knowing anything was wrong. I think this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I think this is what love looks like.

Someone important died and I never got to meet him.

He was married with three kids and has a fourth on the way. He and his wife learned just before Christmas that he had cancer. He had surgery the day after Christmas.

He died Tuesday.

I didn’t know Paul Coakley.

But we have a bunch of mutual friends.

They all say he was amazing and I believe them because they’re pretty amazing themselves. Every one of us knows someone who represents the best of humanity. Those people with an endless supply of kindness and smiles. With infectious laughter. That squeeze the most out of life while constantly giving more of themselves…

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